Temporary Licensure

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, states have taken measures to alleviate the occupational licensure policy burdens that impede state response efforts and which are counterintuitive to social distancing practices. The following information presents a collection of policy actions states have implemented to temporarily license practitioners.

COVID-19 has caused significant pressures on state healthcare workforces. States have therefore sought to allow previously unlicensed individuals the option to assist response efforts when they may have training and experience that is not currently recognized by the state through a license. These individuals have been identified in three primary groups, including:

    • Out-of-State Practitioners (may include those trained/licensed in another country)
    • Inactive or Retired Practitioners
    • In-training/Student Practitioners
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The executive orders, administrative orders and legislation included in this web resource represent a sample of the actions states have enacted in response to COVID-19. Therefore, this resource is not intended to be represented as an exhaustive list of state actions, but rather used to review the variances in strategies states have implemented through occupational licensing policy to effectuate response efforts. The descriptions of the policy actions have been summarized to include relevant detail but should be viewed in full for their entire context. CSG will continue to update the list of policy actions throughout the duration of the state public health emergency response and recovery efforts.